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Terms of Service


  • Commissions are for personal use only, I retain copyright to commissioned artwork unless otherwise discussed and arranged.

  • I reserve the right to publish/post/use/stream the creative process and the final artwork on social media for promotional purposes. Alternatively additional privacy fee will be added if needed.

  • Client owns right to use the artwork for strictly personal use and may post/repost, use as an avatar/banner as long is credit is given to me as the artist.

  • Client does not hold the right to reproduce or use the artwork for profit whatsoever.  

  • If commissioned for fanart of an existing series or franchise, I reserve the right to sell the artwork at any given point, such as prints or in art books (transfer of rights not applicable for fanart).


  • Payments are accepted using PAYPAL or Venmo. Payment is in full upfront while larger payments will be divided through stages depending upon the project type/requested art type. 

  • Refunds are allowed as long as the commission has not started.

  • Refunds differ for projects that contain payment stages; The project can be canceled at any stage and payment will be stopped after completion and payment of current art stage. 


  • All prices starts per (1) character with basic start being for black and white line drawing. Additional charges applies further 

  • Commissions will take from a week to a month to complete depending upon the complexity of the art and the length of work queue.

  • You will receive full resolution digital file. 


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