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About  ViViMoji

Fell out of the world beyond the rain and now venturing out into the world. Discovering the interesting while disguised as an Illustrator + Designer. Inspired by design, from Victorian to folk art as well as art nouveau. I like creating surreal whimsical characters and poetic realms into the mind of viewers

IMG_1827 (1).JPG

Valerie Mojica

The artist behind the name ViViMoji. She based the name around a favorite character from a game she had adored playing as a child. Born in 1989, Valerie grew up seeking magic in the little things from her daily life. She discovered her love in the arts at a young age through music; from movie soundtracks to classical music, Valerie would sketch images of stories that she imagined in listening to each rhythm. Her passion in stories grew from music and connected to books, games and films specifically fairy tales and Mythology. Valerie's art and drawings portray her love of the whimsical and all that is fantasy; full of heart and poetic soul.

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